Cosmosys is proud to present to you their seventeenth exhibition; ALPHA AND OMEGA. The most common association that people have with Alpha and Omega are the beginning and the end. Alpha is the first letter in the Greek alphabet, Omega the last. Beginning and ending. With this pack Cosmosys proves it’s far from its ending with 20+ stunning pieces of artwork that either show the start or the end of all. Tidings of the apocalypse, stories of creation and everything in between. Cosmosys delivers, as usual. For this theme we decided to highlight the astounding efforts of BXD, otherwise known as Brandon Duffy; who has awed us all with his outstanding contribution to this pack and the amazing works he has produced for Cosmosys for the last year. We decided to get a closer look on him; read his interview here! All being said and done: Witness the beginning, witness the end. Witness Cosmosys’ 17th Exhibition; Alpha and Omega!

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Brandon Duffy

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And here’s my submission for this exhibition!


Life and Death

by Rebecca Weaver


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