I’m really excited to share my most recent book cover, for The Queen of Steel and Fire by Steven South. This was a front and back illustrated cover design.

The book sounds cool, and so far has a five star rating on Amazon. I’ve received a copy from the author, and I’m definitely interested in reading it… as soon as I get the chance. If I ever get the chance. Judging by my life right now, I’ll never have free time again. But that’s another story.

Anyway, here’s the plot synopsis:

When her father is murdered, sixteen-year-old princess Claire Erinn must become the first female ruler of Keldaren. As soon as Claire takes the throne, enemies arise on her borders–and from within her own court. 

Claire knows she’s not ready to rule. But that’s a secret she has to hide—from her enemies, and from her own people. Claire must act like a strong queen if she hopes to survive long enough to become one. 

As war looms, Claire struggles to save her kingdom, and herself. A rival queen and Claire’s half-mad brother are both coming for her crown—and her head. 

With Death herself hunting her, Claire must become the warrior her kingdom needs. She’s willing to face Death to save Keldaren. But the price of victory may be even higher than Claire’s life. 


So if that sounds like something you’d like, you can get the book in Kindle ebook format for $3.99 and in paperback for $13.73 on Amazon.



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